Thursday, December 22, 2011

Been away too long!!!

Our modem went out last Thursday, a week ago tomorrow....I didn't realize how much I missed being on line until I was without!!!  I admit it..I am a total Internet addict and that is OK!!!  As long as I still have the "strength" to walk away or not even get on until evening, I am still "in control"!!!

So....a quick update on what's been going on in my life...Last Friday was Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild Christmas party...we don't have a speaker at the December meeting...just tons of great food; a fantastic show and tell; lots of laughs and fun!  I finished my Medallion quilt so I took it to show. I need to get a sleeve on it so I can hang it.  I did a bit different facing than I usually do and I really like it....I am sure I will use it many times at least on small quilts.

Tuesday: The grands came out to do our annual cookie decorating...they left most of them here for me to freeze and have for New Year's Eve when almost everyone will be here.  Then Tuesday night, Dick and I did a little early anniversary celebrating.  Our anniversary isn't until next week, but we wanted to see the Lyle Lovett concert which was last night.  So we ate out and went to the concert.  We had real "nose bleed" seats....we were in the top balcony in the top row of seats. But the acoustics at the Bass are so fantastic, and with out binoculars, it seemed like the much closer!!

Today, I finally caught up with the BOMs that I have been doing....this one for November.  But at least I got it out before the December pattern is issued.  Check out the BOM logo on my side bar.

I am trying to download pics of my quilts but something is not working for some reason.

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