Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trip pics

More pics from the ferry Kennicott....because the weather was so cooperative, we were able to get down some narrow channels for some beautiful scenery-looking and because the ferries are somewhat smaller than the cruise ships, some of the areas we traveled were too narrow for the larger ships.

Beautiful sky and clouds going down the channel to Pelican...a small fishing of many that can only be reached by boat or biplane.

Forty five years ago when we lived in Anchorage, we took a day trip into Prince William Sound from Whittier to see glaciers, etc. This is a rookery picture that we took then.

As we came into Whittier on the Kennicott, we passed the same rookery area! It looks pretty much the think, some of those birds there are the descendants of the birds we saw 45 years ago!!

Talked to daughter in California who is moving back to Texas in a couple of weeks. She is shipping her belongings and driving back by herself so the dad decided to fly out and meet her half wayish in Las Vegas and drive the rest of the way back with her. They will have a great time...some intense bonding time!!! And...Saturday we will be helping our grandson celebrate his 12th birthday...growing up way too fast!! Our granddaughter is in her high school marching band, plays the French horn. Last Friday night we went to the football game to watch the band perform...brings back such memories when our girls were in their high school marching bands!

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  1. Jay, your pictures are fabulous! I love Alaska! Our friends moved back to the lower 48 eleven years ago, so we haven't been up there in ages. Your pictures bring back memories.