Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More trip pics...wildlife in Denali

Our bus tour was from 6:30 AM until we got back to our Denali River Cabin at nearly 7:00 PM. The trip took us up into the very end of the road into Denali National Park. At the end of the road where we turn around, there is a beautiful lodge which is on the site of the original roadhouse, Kantishna. They fed us a great lunch and had a display of a dogsled team.

No one can drive more than about 15 miles into the park without permission or an escort. They are really striving to keep the park pristine and natural and are doing a wonderful job! We saw so much wild life and our driver was great about stopping and letting us look. We were not allowed off the bus when we saw the wild life which was OK by me...especially when we spotted the grizzlies. These pics are just a few of the wonderful creatures we saw.

This red fox was on the side of the road; he ran off then just stopped and looked back at us...beautiful!
This was our first grizzly...he had a buddy on the other side of the road, couldn't decide what to do then he just rushed down the hill and ran right in front of the bus to get to his pal! We had at least a dozen different grizzly bear sightings. Several were mama bears with cubs...all the berries were ripe and the bears were eating, stocking up for the winter to come.

And this ol' boy was wandering down the side of the road as we were ending our tour and heading back to town. He was so close, we could almost reach out and touch him! We saw so many others...caribou, wolves, beavers, Dall sheep, and birds of every description! I'd do it all over again if I could!
Now, back to the present...I am working on and about to finish my summer quilt exchange...and have drawn up my ideas for my two "recipe" blocks. Daughter from CA is at Yosemite Park for the night, tour tomorrow, and heading out to meet her dad on Thursday.


  1. i think the wildlife would be my favorite part of a trip like this and am so pleased to see these photos~!!~ thank you for sharing~!!~


  2. Lovely animals! We went to Yellowstone this summer with my 3 kids 13-10-7 and saw all sorts of animals. My Husband got mad at me because I kept yelling, "there's a______!" (fill in the blank) We didn't see andy bears though. Moose, elk, bison, prairie dogs, deer,geese, etc.

  3. Love the wildlife photos! I've only seen a grizzly from a distance -- never had one run across the road in front of me. Cool!