Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm Ba-a-a-ck!!!

Dick and I just got back last Monday from a wonderful three week trip! We drove to Bellingham ,WA...boarded the Columbia Alaskan Marine Ferry which "sailed" up to Juneau , AK. There we deboarded with our car, spent the night in Juneau, then got on the Kennicott, another Alaskan Ferry which took us to Whittier, AK. We then drove to Anchorage, looked around (we had lived there for about two years when we were first married...45 years wanted to see if anything was familiar...nothing was except for the small visitors' center and the 4th Avenue Theater.) We then drove to Denali National Park and Fairbanks, and came back through Canada driving down the Alaskan Highway which we drove up in was all gravel then..1300 miles or so...and now most of it is blacktopped!

Needless to say, we had a fantastic time so I will be boring you for my next few entries with pictures and tales of our adventures! I also have several things to do to get ready for our Trinity Valley Quilt Show which is 18,19 and 20th of September.

The Columbia River in Washington state on our way to Bellingham to catch our first ferry.

The harbor town of Bellingham WA where we got on the ferry, the Columbia.

Our ferry, the of the Alaskan Marine Ferry System fleet of ships.

Our cabin on the ferry...we were on it for three nights...really very cozy; had our own "facilities"..I learned how to take a shower at sea when it was a little rocky!! We loved every minute of it.....more pics to come!


  1. Hi Jay!! Welcome back to you too!! It seems like you had a wonderful trip!! Very different from texas I guess?? I want to swap with you!!! Send me the deatails, and I`m in!!! Have a nice day!! Anne:-)

  2. hi, Anne...great...I will get the letter etc off to you in a couple of days...and yes, what we saw is quite a bit different from Texas!!!

  3. You drove it in 1664?!?

    Can't wait to "hear" all about the trip!! Who got the top berth?

  4. glad to see you back and posting. looks like it was a wonderful trip and full of memories as well as new sights . . . btw: 1664~!?!~


  5. Okay...Yes, I am old but that was a little riduculous wasn't it!!!! Can I beg off on a little typo??? Am getting on to correct it right now!