Monday, September 7, 2009

And more trip stories!

First, I must say that we did not travel the Alcan highway in 1664! It was really 1964...I have corrected my previous blog! Boy was that ever a big "typo"!!! We are old but not quite that old!!

We just loved the ferry...our cabin was bare bones but clean and very cozy. When we booked passage, all we could get was a four-bunk cabin which turned out to be ok as we had room to put all our luggage on the top bunks and we each got a bottom bunk. I think it would have been pretty crowded to have four people in there, but there were several families traveling with children...mostly military heading for stations in Alaska so I guess it could be done.

The food was excellent..on the Columbia..the first leg of our journey...there was a regular sitdown dining room, a grill to order sandwiches etc, and a lounge for the party people. Although we have been know to party, we were too busy whale watching etc to want to sit in the dark innards of the lounge! We saw many beautiful sunrises, lighthouses, whales, salmon jumping out of the water, porpoises, etc.

Now, I must get myself busy finishing up some quilts for our show next week!! And we are having our poker bunch over tomorrow night for a slide show of our trip and dinner!
This is a picture of a light house out in the middle of nowhere, called "Boat Bluff". The people there came out to see us and wave!
This is a house at an Indian/Eskimo fishing village...Klimtu..we didn't stop there but were alerted by the ranger on board to look for the house with the native art work so that brought all the cameras out on deck!

And this is our first sunset while at sea! I could have stayed out there all night but it did get a little chilly!!


  1. love the sunset shot~!!~ and the native art on the house . . . right up there with wearing your he(art) on your sleeve~!~


  2. Jay this was a beautiful trip!! I hope you weren't around in 1664 ; ) I am anxious to see your quilts for the show.

  3. I would be out there on the deck with you rather than in the lounge!!