Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, rain and more pics

I finally finished quilting on my art quilt today...I had taken it with me on our trip and got quite a bit done on the ferries, but still had a lot to do as I hand-quilted it. Now just need to put on a sleeve and some embellishments. Also need a sleeve one other quilts and labels on all. The setup for the show is Thursday so I guess I will be spending a little more sewing time tomorrow and Wednesday!

And the weather is wonderful...we have had more than five inches of nice, slow rainfall since Friday...that should set us up well for going into the winter! The sun will be out in a couple of days and then the grass will grow again! Usually when we have Sept. rain, we have very nice fall colors....fall and spring are my favorite times of the year.

Trip pics are of Anchorage...where we lived for two years in 1964-66. Very little looked familiar, only the visitor's center with its sod roof...except now they have a large center with a museum and the little log center is just for looks and some info! We were talking to a lady there, one of the volunteers who has been in Anchorage for about 40 years or more, and she confirmed something we weren't sure of from when we were there before....that you can see Mt. McKinley from Anchorage...and we were so fortunate that "she was OUT" that very day...we walked down to the street corner and way down towards the bay, there she was!! We had wonderful weather so were able to see the mountain several times. Then up at the Denali visitors center, there is a plaque..."Yes, you can see Mt. McKinley from Anchorage"!!

I zoomed in as much as I could and there she is...peeking out above the trees!

This is the visitors center when we were living there. I don't know what they did with the totem pole. It was pretty neat. The building in the background is the tallest bld at that time.

Now here is the visitors center with a modern stainless steel sculpture of some kind. Maybe it is a symbolic totem pole!

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  1. yikes~!~that modern sculpture looks like razor blades~!!~ i think the totem pole seems much friendlier~!!~