Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finally finished! (and more pics)

Today, I finally finished getting my "sleeves" and labels on my quilts for the show. Tomorrow is setup day...nothing like taking it to the line! Dick and I will go in to help set up and then going to go eat Mexican at Blue Mesa....we haven't had our "Tex-Mex" fix since we got back so are looking forward to that!

These pictures are of Mt. McKinley/Denali. The park is Denali National Park, the mountain can be called either....the Indians called it Denali but the first person to climb it renamed it for the current President. The park used to be McKinley NP but was changed a few years ago in honor of the Indian name....which I definitely like better! A friend of mine gave me a book to read, "Two in the Far North" about Margaret Murie and her husband Olaus. I had not heard of either before but discovered they are very well-known conservationists, founders of The Wilderness Society. If you are into biographies and nature, I highly recommend it! I also picked up the book "Arctic Dance", more pictorial, continuing on with their tale.

This is a lake view above the Denali Visitors' Center where we hiked after visiting the center, and having our picnic lunch.

And this is the wonderful Denali Mountain range...she is the far right one. This is take from the river at Talkeetna where we spent the night before our Denali but tour. Talkeetna is a really neat little Alaskan is supposedly the prototype for the tv show "Northern Exposure" and I can believe it because there were some very interesting characters living there!

This is a close up of Mt. McKinley from the same spot. We were so lucky on weather; we were told that the mountain in cloud covered nearly 80% of the time...and we got to see her many times over a couple of days. The next day, on our actual tour of Denali Park, she was cloud covered!!!

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  1. I've been to Denali twice, and have never seen the mountain. It's always been covered with clouds. You were very lucky!