Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quilt blocks and more

I have completed my fourth mini quilt for my series on "Wheels"...the workbook assignment was "innovative piecing" so I have included a couple of overlapping wheels, sliced the whole thing up and added a strip. I did this three times, offsetting the pieces each time I inserted the new strip which makes the "wheel" a little harder to see as a result. Neat technique though...I enjoyed it. I also embellished with small springs which I had gotten from a bracelet I had taken apart.

My art group, studioQ, met Monday at my house. Here are the blocks of those who were able to do the next "ingredient" in our recipe quilt. The ingredient was "part of a chicken"...however a person wanted to interpret it!

This block has many parts! Can you find them all?

And we have the KFC logo on this block!

Nancy concentrated on chicken beaks...she doesn't know how to work small!!!

Heather drew hers out, enlarged it and then created her "chicken" part block.

And mine is a form of the dominoe game..."Chickenfoot"!! Made out of fabric...12"square.
What a great group....we have so much fun together and are such an inspiration to each other! Our next ingredient is "Magical"....that will bring out lots of ideas from everyone!


  1. LOVE your sliced up wheels and the show and tell from your very talented group was great fun too~!!~


  2. I can completely understand not being able to work "small"!!

    They are all VERY cool!!