Saturday, January 21, 2017

We Are Woman

"Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age." Gloria Steinem

       I didn't march with my sisters today because of a long range previous plan, but I did wear my shirt and I did stand at lunch at the Modern and gave a toast to my sisters in solidarity!! Now back home, I am so proud of my sisters. I am just glued to my iPad watching all the coverage of the day from everywhere!  Here is a link to New York Times pictures from around the world! Please check it out if you have not seen is amazing! It brings to mind the positive reception we had worldwide after 9/11!

Gloria Steinem
       This is a picture of one of my longtime heroes as she spoke in Washington DC today. I am also giving you a link to her marvelous speech....all the speeches were really inspiring!
Washington DC
     And here is a link to some videos in Fort Worth and Dallas. And kudos to all the men who march with the women in support. Of course, many of the concerns...medicare, social security, education, environment, emigration, LGBT,  etc. are not just women-related but human rights.
     I just texted my church to say we should sing Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman" as our closing song tomorrow! (I've given you a link to the 1975 song if you would like to hear it!)

     My day was very fun too!  My SAQA gals got together to visit the KAWS exhibit at the Modern and have lunch together. Andrea and I also walked over to the Kimbell to see the Monet which will be leaving at the end of the month.  Tremendous crowds there...and parking was getting pretty crazy because the Fort Worth Stock Show is also going on.  
My Women's March Shirt!
My SAQA sisters...some not all were here
Every time, and this was my third, I have seen the KAWS, I discover something new!  This time, I found there was a sculpture outside...Elmo in the water!

SAQA with Elmo in the background 


  1. Keith and I are just back from the Women's March in Austin. It was Huge and Awesome! I loved reading all the creative posters. All the marches around the world, I hope signals the seriousness of of the people to fight this administration for all the rights and progressive causes for which we have worked so hard!

    1. Glad you guys are safely home! I'm so proud of you for your participation!

  2. Nice blog post! I didn't see the KAWS Elmo! :( we even had a march in Abilene, TX, I went and got very inspired to act!!!

  3. It was an awesome day in Fort Worth. But, it was inspiring,too, to see Abilene, Amarillo, and even Beaumont had a March - I'm sure others, too. And, I was Boise and Ketcham, Idaho!

  4. Jay what is SAQA? Are you all from Ft Worth or from across the state? So that was your idea to sing Helen Reddy's song!! Great Idea!! I wish your group could have marched and then gone to the Museum!!! I hope this will not be the last march we have in Fort Worth!!!