Friday, January 27, 2017

The Name Game

“It ain't what they call you, it's what you answer to.” 
― W.C. Fields

     Seventy-six years and a few months ago, this adorable little girl was born.  Her parents named her Mary Jacqueline with the plan of nicknaming her Jackie. Her paternal grandfather was called Jack even though his name was Jesse.

Mary Jacqueline
Paternal grandfather-Jesse better known as Jack (deceased before Jay was born)

       This baby, Jackie, had a big sister, Judy, who was 21/2 years older than she.  Judy had trouble prounouncing "Jackie"; her version was more of a "Jay" everyone called Jackie, Jay.
Big sister, Judy
As "Jay" grew, everyone called her that and as far as she knew....that was her name!  Her paternal grandmother always insisted on calling her Jackie.  That really irritated Jay because THAT sounded like a boy's name!!!!

Paternal grandmother who insisted on Jackie!
     When Jay was nine, her baby brother was born!  So cute...his name was John (maternal grandfather-deceased) Carnes (mother's maiden name)....and here we go...wait for it...Jack is a nickname for new baby became Jackie!  Whew! Pressure off Jay...Grandma now has a Jack in the family!

Baby JACK!
    Time goes by...Jay graduates from high school and is heading to college.  By now she has decided that Jacqueline..or much cooler than JAY!

Mary Jacqueline graduating from HS
     So off to Mizzou goes Jackie...but it didn't stick...18 years of being Jay was just too much.  It actually wasn't too bad...she even gotten invited to a fraternity smoker (that's what they called frat pledge parties) to which she accepted but didn't get to attend once her gender was discovered. ahead about 60 years.  Jay often signs her name Mary J. as that is her legal name on all legal documents but she still often uses Jay and wouldn't you know, she gets a lot of Mr. Jay...mail and phone calls.  She has become more vocal on line lately and decided it is time for another name change!  So rather than sign my name "Jay" I am feminizing (is that a word) my name by adding an "E".   So for now on, I will be signing my name "Jaye"...a long time coming!  We'll see how it goes! (This creative name change usually happens in junior high! I'm a little  slow!) 



  1. Hey, heye Jay, Jaye!
    Rock the evolution
    reinvent - rejoice - revolution

    1. Dang, girl! I didn't know you were a poet too!

  2. I love your pictures Jaye. I'll try to remember the added "e".

  3. Reed is my middle name. I was Betsy until I went to college and my roommate was named Betsy. So I switched to Reed. I should also add an e to avoid missent mail.

  4. I will stay with Jay.

  5. I remember your mother telling me that you were upset because your father stopped calling you Jackie and started calling your little brother Jacky.

    1. That's funny! Not how I remember it at all!!!

  6. They add or whatever to make you a man. My mother Norma started receiving mail addressed to Norman :-/
    Welcome, Jaye!

  7. So, you'll need to go in and change your user information on here to correct the spelling.

    1. I tried to, couldn't figure out how to change my name!