Monday, January 16, 2017


 "Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers."   Josef Albers
Josef Albers
      Today was my monthly meeting with studioQ, my local art quilters' group.  Our challenge this month was based on a painting by the artist Josef Albers, "Variant: Four Reds Around Blue-1948"
Our January Challenge
I think I had written about this last month, after our December meeting.  A few us had ours ready to show  as it was given to us in November....then remembering that we had extended our deadline to January because of the busy holidays, most of the group were not ready to show.  I had mine pieced then but not quilted.  I now have it quilted as well so am showing it again...along with all the ones from our meeting today. I apologize for the quality of the pictures...where we met doesn't have very good lighting and I didn't think to put my flash on.
All of our Albers together
       It is always fun to see how each of us interpret our challenges. A couple of our members work with paper rather than fabric.  Somehow I didn't get closeups of either of those but here are some of the individual fiber quilts.
Michelle ('s a little fuzzy)
Wendy (but for some reason the colors are not very true to her quilt-you can see  better or colors in the group pic.

Colorful aren't we!!! We also showed some other things we were working on and Kay did a demo on using a glue as an aid when creating hexagons to sew.

Kay has her challenge for another group ready...from the KAWS collection
Bethany is making a quilt for a baby shower. The top pink is her own dyed fabric.
Wendy works with blue-
Wendy has been working with shirting stripes lately and has been getting her fabric from men's shirts she has found at  Good Will and other resale shops.
This is the back of Wendy's quilt...we always admire the backs of her quilts as much as  the fronts!
Kay worked with hexagons..the inner stars are from a variety of shibori blues, some she has dyed and some purchased.
Andrea is working on a colorful quilt from fabrics by Caryl Bryer Fallert
"Hope" a smaller quilt made by Andrea from the scraps she had left over from the above quilt.
"A Ray of Hope"...this is a small quilt (6" x 8") that I have made for my donation to the SAQA conference
 for the 2017 Spotlight silent auction.


  1. Beautiful works of art, all! I especially love your "Ray of Hope" quilt.

  2. I really like Wendy's blue quilts; also your red and blue one. But I think my favorite is the one Andrea made with her "leftovers" - entitled Hope.

  3. Creative sprits, sharing voices, together stronger. You inspire and nourish in so many ways.

  4. I love looking at all your group's work. Fabulous and talented art quilters!