Sunday, June 2, 2013

Out of Asia

"The Year of the Dragon" 
A Chinese Dragon at our hotel on Hawaii
     The challenge for the Art Quilters of the World for this time was "Out of Asia"...coincidentally when we traveled to Hawaii last month, our hotel's decor was totally Asian influence.  All over the grounds there was statuary, artifacts, symbolic works of art...One topic that caught my interest was the use of the Chinese Zodiac.  When we returned home, I had to do a little research on that.  I discovered that the year in which I was born, 1940, is in the year of the Dragon. (For more info on the Dragon or to find out YOUR Chinese Zodiac year information, go to this link.)
     After toying with many ideas, I finally decided on doing my quilt in the motif of a to the internet...found information about the dragon/ the symbol for "dragon" and proceeded to create my "dragon".
     Using Asian-looking fabric and colors; freezer paper and fusible webbing I was able to get the look I wanted.  Then I made a mini silk screen to create the Chinese lettering for "Dragon".
Freezer paper cut out of my drawing to iron to my fabric choices.
the Chinese lettering for "Dragon"
My mini silk screen I made to create the Chinese letters
    And then I spent quite a bit of time machine stitching all around the dragon parts!!!
Close up of stitching
Closeup of Chinese lettering (it is in black paint but looks green here!)
     Once again, I really enjoyed this choice of theme for the Art Quilters of the World.  Be sure to go to our website to see what everyone else has done...and now..on to the next challenge!!

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  1. Love how you decided on your theme....your year of the dragon...truly. And how you put it all together to complete the most delightful "Out of Asia" art quilt