Monday, June 17, 2013

Memory Monday #24

    As best as I can remember, this is the floor plan of the down stairs of our house where I spent most of my childhood...from second grade through high school.  I am showing it on my blog so my readers can easily refer to it when I talk about different memories there.  Now, when I was about twelve, my parents did some major remodeling, but that is a few years off!
floor plan of my childhood home
Room #1 was a living room; Room #2 was the bedroom that my sister and I shared for a couple years. Room #3 was a dining room and Room #4 was my parents' bedroom.  None of this is to scale and I am thinking that the original house didn't have the bathroom or kitchen as they are here.  The upstairs was just one big room and under the stairway was a closet which went clear under the stairs for storage. A stairway to the basement was located in the screened-in back porch...under a lift up door.
      After we had been living there for awhile, my dad bought a new radio/record player combination!  It was the the living room on the wall beside the door into my bedroom.  It was really special!!  State of the arts!!
The radio door is open; the record player for 78 records is on the left.
This is not exactly like the radio, but very similar!  Many a night we would sit around on the floor listening to our favorite radio shows!  A favorite that I didn't list last week, another really scary one, was "The Shadow"!  It came on past our we didn't get to legitimately listen to it.
     When our parents would go out, they would get babysitters.  Most of the sitters we had were sweet, little old ladies!  At least they seemed old to us.  I remember this one little old lady was quite hard of hearing...and she would doze off frequently!  So as soon as we were put to bed, she would sit in a cozy chair in front of the radio....and doze off!  From where our bedroom was situated, we could hear the radio...she would always have Lawrence Welk or some other ucky music on.  We would take turns being the "bad kid" and one of us would crawl out of the bedroom, quietly turn the sound down so we could hear it but she couldn't and tune in to OUR radio station, and get to listen to "The Shadow" or some other dastardly program!  Then, of course, when the show was over, we had to go turn it back to the other station so our parents wouldn't guess what we were doing!

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