Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am a Techie!!


      I am a Facebook fan....I enjoy blogging and reading blogs by other people...I love my iPhone (instant information and pictures!) and my Kindle...and all my Apps!  And my buddy has an iPad which I am drooling over!  (Next on my wish list!!) I am even able to "text"...slowly...which lets me be in touch with my college granddaughter better!

     On FB I have been able to see pictures of nieces and nephews from where ever they are...from Illinois to Antarctica; Missouri to Oregon.  On FB I have collected the best recipes; read the funniest stories; seen the most wonderful art; and connected with "long lost" friends! And even express myself politically!!

     I know many of my blog readers are not on FB so I  am going to occasionally share some of my favorite websites, information etc that I find on that popular social media!
     Just today, I saw this site which is kind of fun... "12 Most"  This site lists things...the one that I found on Facebook which led me there was the "Twelve Most  Striking Tendencies of Creative People" (or something like that!) I found that almost all of them do pertain to me...except for the # 1...I am never bored...the word boredom is not in my vocabulary.  I can always find some way to entertain myself...even if it is heavy duty day dreaming!

Facebook's "Like" Button
     One thing I wish Facebook would put on the entries people post is a "Don't Like" Button!  If I disagree with something someone posts, I either have to ignore it or go into a detailed explanation when a simple "don't like" would be so much easier!!!

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  1. indeed you are a techie~!!~
    i popped over to the 12 most list and like you, i fit the profile. as for #1; i'm hardly ever bored either but i think it's because i am able to swing from task to task very easily in an effort to stay completely engaged. for example i would become bored with only one single project going at a time . . . also known as ADHD. :-O