Monday, June 24, 2013

Memory Monday #25

      Last week, I showed our brand new radio/phonograph! A real treat for the whole family.  The phonograph would play "78" RPM records....big, heavy vinyl records.

A pile of 78 records

78 RPM record labels
     The records were two-sided...usually a popular tune on one side and a not as well known by the same artist on the reverse.  Sometimes, through exposure the lesser known song would become popular.  
      The first record that I remember my dad purchasing and playing on our new phonograph was "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Vaughn Monroe!   Whenever I hear that song or a rendition (Johnny Cash recorded it later), I remember that beautiful phonograph we had!!

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  1. My grandmother had a tall wind-up record player that played 78 records. The only one I remember playing was Glow Worm by the Mills Brothers. About 15 years ago I bought a cassette of the Mills brothers just to get that song. I still enjoy it.