Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Projects Are Us

I had such a great time at the quilt show!  I got involved in the Auction and was lucky enough to purchase a couple of beauties!

A mini Quilt by my friend Heather 8"x 11"

A mini by a guild member I have not met  11" x 13"
I also have gotten interested in a new (to me) technique...working with wool applique so I bought some fabric, thread and needles at the show.  I am interested in designing my own patterns, but am going to need a little tutorial instruction in how to do the appliqueing!
My wools and thread...aren't these great colors?
A couple of other projects I have in the works are:

My "Shades of Gray" charm blocks 
I want to create a quilt with the 56 five-inch Charm blocks which I rec'd this week.  The large fabric they are all resting on was my choice.  This should be a real fun project!

Fabrics for October Creative Crone challenge
And Wendy of studioQ has given my fiber arts group a really interesting challenge for October.  And I am eager to get busy with it!

I also need to get back to my "Unusual Lone Star" by Karen Stone which I am making for our bed.  I had put it aside to complete my quilts for the show...and now that it is over, time to get back to it!!  The link will take you to a google site with lots of pictures of Karen's work.  Her website is "under construction" right now but will be worth checking into when finished.

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  1. your new little quilts are wonderful~!
    i especially like the second one ~ so much energy and fun colors too.

    can hardly wait to see what you will be doing with that lovely stack of wool.