Monday, October 22, 2012


While watching the last debate....on foreign policy...I wanted to share my attempt to encourage peace in my own way.  Last spring, I saw a website on Facebook about ""...looked into it and decided to sign up.  I received the name of the person I would send a project to...and she is in Greece.

I had first tried out felting at a workshop at Arrowmont...then I discovered that  one of my Creative Crones' buddies has a felting machine which she is generously loaning out to any of us to use.  And another Crone had a lot of wool roving which she shared with all of us.  As the projects for the Felt Peace were to be at least 30% felted, I decided to do a little wall hanging....using a picture I had pulled from a magazine of a cell...sliced and magnified. I thought a single cell would be a great symbol for showing peace...we are all made of cells which are all pretty much alike and if that thought could be considered, that our differences are much less than our "alikeness" maybe peace could occur!  Loving the colors and shapes in it I got my stuff together and started to felt.

Felted project on left/picture of cell on right
I had used store bought felt for the background.  Shown here is my felted project before I did any embellishing.  Then as I worked on it, I decided to not make a wall hanging, but to make a journal cover....using an expensive composition notebook for the inside.

Felted journal cover with embellishments...beading, stitching etc.

Completed journal with notebook inside

Inside of journal and composition book to be inserted.
I really enjoyed making the journal cover...I may have to make some  more of these!!  And I have mailed off my project for the PeaceFelt to my new friend in Greece...hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!!!


  1. what an original and creative idea~! i really like the way it turned out and think that your choices of other fabrics for the journal cover worked well with the overall theme.


  2. Love it!! Very well done. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.