Sunday, October 21, 2012

Challenge #91-Beads of Courage

I am running late on this is 11:00 PM my time, but the Diva is on the East Coast of it is already tomorrow there!  (And I just read that the deadline is actually I am really late!)  We just got back in town this afternoon, and I created my #91 challenge this evening...I really like this challenge she gave us; "Beads of Courage", so I am going to try to get it posted.  Please follow this link to find out more about the "Beads...".  It is a wonderful organization which the Diva is involved in because of her darling little guy who has a rare condition.  I am linking you to her site also so you can read about him.  If you scroll on down to the list of those who met the challenge, you will see I am #80!!  The slideshow was created before I added my tile.

And here is my contribution in honor of this organization!

"Beads of Courage"


  1. This is really beautiful Jay. I especially like the shading.

  2. wonderful. i think the shadow beads are awesome too~!

    hope all is well.


  3. i'm actually in the middle of the country, so - Central Standard time. ;)

  4. And I just found a couple of images that didn't make the first upload to the slideshow - so picked up yours as well. Glad you posted it!