Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dare #28

I actually have my challenge for the Dare from The Bright Owl early this a day!

Dare #28

We were out of town last weekend...took a trip to Northwest Arkansas and the fall colors in the Ozark Mountains were spectacular!!  We traveled there for two was to revisit the Crystal Bridges American Art gallery in Bentonville, AR and to go to War Eagle Arts and Crafts Fair.  As it turned out, we got a third treat!

We were going to go to Crystal Bridges Friday morning...but as they it didn't open until 11:00, we had time to visit Pea Ridge, a Civil War Battlefield nearby.  We have visited Civil and Revolutionary Battlefields all over the country, and here was one so close that we had not visited...perfect opportunity.

Leestown, longer a town there, but was a hamlet at the time of the battle.

On bluff overlooking the Pea Ridge battlefield.
Then we went to Crystal Bridges, had a nice lunch and wandered around looking at the wonderful art work....thanks to Alice Walton, daughter of Sam Walton (founder of Walmart).  This fantastic facility and grounds is free to the public.  On display this time we were there are models of some of the works of the architect, Moshe Safdie. This very prolific architect has done some marvelous structures world-wide.  Click on the link to see more.
This is a model of Crystal Bridges on display.

And this is the real thing!

The entrance to Crystal Bridges...
There is a sister tree to this one at the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX
After seeing everything inside, we hiked around outside...there is so much to see and the grounds are so beautiful....and artwork all over the place!
A new acquisition.

Can you see a bike in the tree?
This is a bronze sculpture....tree and bike.
The next day we went to War Eagle Arts and Crafts fair.  It is located out in the country on river.  There is an old mill still a working farm, but twice a year they have this huge fair...over 500 vendors.  My brother-in-law and wife have a booth selling homemade soap...War Eagle is a very interesting place..we enjoyed seeing our relatives and checking out all the other vendors!
The river where War Eagle is located...on both sides of the banks.


  1. you do manage to get such a wonderful dimensional quality in so many of your zentangles.
    the red colored areas are wonderful in this piece.

    sounds like you packed a LOT into that weekend and had a great time~!


  2. Your zendala is great and I like the 'feathers' in it.

  3. LOVE your zendala!! Very cool--love the color and feathery feel! Beautiful!

  4. Your zendala is really nice, I like the red and black mix.