Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zentangle Challenge # 88-"IX"

The Diva gave us a challenge using the tangle "IX".  Although I have to admit is not one of my favorite ones, I appreciate the opportunity to try the tangles that I would probably not use otherwise!  So here it is:

Challenge # 88-"IX"
Earlier today, I posted my challenge for the Bright Owl's "DARE" of the week.  As both of these challenges request specific blog links, I didn't want to post them together, but if you are interested in seeing another zentangle of mine, you can link to it.


  1. i really like both of them~!!~


  2. Great! I like the leaves at the left. Well, I like the whole tile.

  3. Both of your tiles are lovely and with so much detail. And then I realized you are a quilter, you all thrive on detail. Nice work!!!

  4. I love the style you always create in your challenges....they are full of interest and beauty!