Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dare # 21

Today...hot here in Texas!  We had such a wonderful August...unusual cool weather and  unheard of rainfall...and now September when I am ready for fall...100+ weather returns!!  Ah, well...give me a couple of months and I will complain about being too cold!!

I have finished my Dare Challenge for the week...thanks to the Bright Owl for the Zendala to use...To see the beautiful Dares that others have created, click on her link!

Dare # 21
This was another fun one to do....I think mine came out looking kind of like an Indian shield. Now, time to get busy on my finishing up of my entries in my guild's show.


  1. i agree with you; very much like an indian sheild.
    fabulous work Jay~!


  2. You made a beautiful, powerful zendala shield!


  3. It does look like a shield, a very nicely decorated shield. Lovely.