Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinwheels for Peace

Today, September 21st, is known as International Day of Peace.  Last year the Diva challenged us to do "Pinwheel for Peace", the zentangle way. And she has challenged us to the same this year.   There are several organizations in the world promoting peace...this is one of them.  Another group that I have become interested in is the "Peace Felt" organization.  Click on my link to find out more about them.  I have signed up to do a swap with this working on my  felted item and will post a picture of it when it is finished and before I send it off to Greece where my partner is.

And because I haven't blogged for awhile...I want to update everyone on my "Buddy"..who is also my best friend and my husband!!  He is much improved since the last time I blogged; will receive his last chemo next week...then after PET scan, we will know where we go from here.  Thanks so much to all who had commented on my last blog..your thoughts are really appreciated!

This is going to be a real multipurpose blog as I am going to not only post my Pinwheel for Peace challenge, but also my Dare # 23 Zendala. Pinwheel for Peace and if you wish to see the Pinwheels from last year, the Diva has posted them in a slideshow.  While at her site, you can also scroll down and see individual pinwheels from other challenge responders for this year!

Pinwheel for Peace-2012
And now my Zendala Challenge for the week from the Bright Owl:

Zendala # 23


  1. I love how the red outlines the pinwheel! Really beautiful both the challenge and the dare!

  2. really like how your tile seems to be 3-d, pattern choices & colour make it feel like the pinwheel is pushing out and the edges rounded. Glad to hear your husband is much improved from last time :)

  3. so happy to hear that your buddy/husband is doing a bit better~!

    these two zentangle works are amazing.


  4. Both your challenge and dar are beautiful. The challenge has a border that reminds me of the sun.
    Happy for you and your husband that this chemo is done, time to go upwards again I hope.

  5. Both are great, but the zendala seems as if it has a Christmas theme!!

  6. Great pinwheel, looks like earth with al that grass growing on the outside. Great idea.