Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This afternoon, I had gotten an email from Green Mountain Coffee, the company where I order my K-cups for my Kerig coffee maker.  I needed to make a change on my order so after trying on line to add to it, I gave up and called the company's 800 number (due to my lack of computer skills..not their website!)  The very nice lady said "this is  Mary Jane; may I help you?"  And we proceeded to get my order straightened out and on our way.  Then she said, "Jay, are you sitting down?" so I thought....oh...I am winning something really special!  I am the 100th caller of the day!  oh! oh! I said "yes, I am!"  She then said, "You are speaking to Mary Jane.../.....!"

Well, it is a good thing I was sitting down!  Mary Jane was my roommate in college my Freshman year!  We became very good friends...she from South Dakota; I from Illinois; both at the University of Missouri;  first time away from home, etc!!  I was even in her wedding in Woonsocket, SD...a thrill for a little gal from Pittsfield, Illinois!!

Anyway, we have kept up through the years with Christmas cards.  The last time we saw each other was probably 45-46 years ago...and haven't spoken since then either...just the annual cards with notes included.  So we have followed each others' lives via mail!

My Freshman Roommate-1958-59 U of Missouri
We had a great time our freshman year...we lived in what was called the "temps"...temporary dorms which had built right after WWII to take care of the influx of veterans coming home and taking advantage of the GI Bill....and still being used many years later as girls' dorms.  We were the fortunate ones who did get to move into the new dorms which were in the process of being built but weren't ready until March of our Freshman year.  Of course, this was before the days of coed dorms....girls had "hours"..we had to be in at certain times...10:30 S-Th; 11:30-Fri, and whohoo...12:30 on Saturdays....oh and four times a year, you could sign up for a 1:00AM!!!

I am so thrilled to be in touch with Mary Jane again!!  I think as one gets older making connections with the past become more important...and what an extraordinary, karma-ish way to connect!!


  1. What a hoot!!!!!!!!!! Wherever did you get that picture.............and to keep it all these years! I was as surprised as you when I realized who was on the other end of the line....could hardly hold my tongue to let you get your order completed! And then to catch up by phone later.........pure pleasure. Love your blogspot....refreshing and very creative! We are gonna keep this talking thing going I think. Love ya, Mary Jane

  2. How funny!! That is so great to reconnect like that. You never know who you are going to come across out there.

  3. What a great story! What are the odds you'd connect like that?! It gives new meaning to the idea of "it's a small world."