Friday, September 7, 2012

Zentangle # 85-Copada

Every first Monday of the month, the Diva challenges us with a "UMT"...that is, "Use My Own" tangle.  A guest Zentangler will give the challenge for the week.  This week, Margaret Bremner gives the zentangle "Copada".

Challenge # 85
As I drew my string and thought about how I wanted to incorporate "Copada", my overall design began to take on a life of its own!!   A face seem to be growing out of every line I put as I added more and more, I found myself actually naming my challenge...Alfie...and having a nice little, albeit one-sided, conversation with Alfie!

Below, you will find Margaret's instructions for drawing "Copada".  Give it a try!


  1. Alfie is wonderful. Great texture andI love the organic feel.

  2. Hi Alfie! Glad you came to visit and be a muse to Jay!

  3. So different and very organic. Love the fescue on top.

  4. Oh what a great design. As if I'm looking at a cut piece of exotic fruit. Great.

  5. Lovely! There's a sweetness to it, so tiny and around the edges.