Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two New Zentangles....Kind of...

Dare #4 with a hint of Mexico
My first "zentangle" is for the mandala challenge that Erin has created.  This week she posted this design to fill and suggested that we use something influenced by the ocean or Mexico as she was embarking on a cruise to that area.  So my Mandala is composed of some Mexican colors...ristras, the colors of the flag of Mexico, etc.

For those not familiar with Mexican peppers, these are ristras....dried peppers.  They can be purchased all over the Southwest and Mexico...used for decoration and for cooking.

Challenge # 67-Strircles & Hybrid
And my other zentangle is for last week's challenge by the Diva.  I am a little late in getting it done so it may not get posted on her website.  I am a little pressed for time this week as I am trying to get my granddaughter's t-shirt quilt finished for her high school graduation....Her last band concert..forever...was tonight!  Hard to believe that baby is getting so grown up!!!


  1. Oh, I like your peppers! Very colorful and festive. Great work!

  2. Great zendala--so intense and colorful! I like your duo-tangle tile also; it reminds me of winter squashes.

    How wonderful that you're making that quilt for your granddaughter! I bet she'll treasure it always.

  3. Loved that you circled the pattern in black with the white circles. It really makes the colors pop on the Zendala. Really vibrant and interesting Tangles.