Tuesday, May 22, 2012

15-Minute Challenge

I have spent most of this week working on my granddaughter's t-shirt quilt for her high school graduation...the only thing I haven't finished is the binding and that goes on tomorrow!  I don't want to post a picture of it yet because she hasn't seen it. Graduation is next week and I will post then.

And yesterday, my studioQ bunch met for our May meeting.  We met a week earlier than usual because the last Monday of the month (our usual meeting time) is also Memorial Day.  We only had five members able to make the meeting, but still had a great time as usual.  We are challenging ourselves each month with a 12 x 12 block, and this month our theme was "In the Yard of Life, Be the Pink Flamingo".  Here are a few examples of what we did:

By Bethany who came up with the theme this time
My 12 x 12..I am going to do beading on it with the cabachon in the center.

Kay's 12 x 12...the only one of us who actually got hers finished!
And Kay, our hostess for the meeting, also showed us real neat fusible method to create a positive/negative design.

Kay's demo
In the upper left corner are two little quilts Kay had done with this technique.  And on the table is the beginning of her demo.  Next post I will hope to be able to show you a completed block that I have done.


  1. you kicked the big "A" this week Jay~!!~
    can hardly wait to see your t-shirt quilt. my wonderful daughter started one several years ago and is still puzzling it together. i look forward to seeing that one finished as well.
    the flamingo project brought smiles. what a fun challenge~! i find myself really likeing the stylized flamingo the best (surprises me) but they're all wonderful.

    btw: your report card looks excellent too~!


  2. Great week. T-shirt quilts are fun, can't wait to see how your daughter's came out. Fun Flamingos! What a great theme for a challenge.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more about this fusible method.

  4. ooo, like the idea of the new technique...

  5. Sorry I missed the meeting, looks like you had fun! Love the flamingo 12 x 12 quilts -- need to get to work on mine!