Monday, May 21, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival 2012

Thanks to all who voted for my quilt in the Quilt Gallery contest!  I was not the one with the most votes, which is OK...the quilts that did win were really gorgeous...I will just have to continue to drool over Vicki Welsh's handdyes....or maybe break down and actually BUY some for myself!

Now I am putting a quilt in a virtual quilt is on Amy's Creative Side blog...again, there are just oodles of really beautiful quilts!!  The one I am entering is:

Ra, the Sun God

This is one of my latest quilts...I will be entering it in my guild show in the Fall.  It has a lot of beading on it...some techniques I learned from a class I took by Larkin Van Horn.
Back of Ra...using Judy Perez's "facing" technique

A close up of the beading and stitching
When you click on the link to the quilt show, you will need to scroll down quite a bit to see all the quilts...there are almost 600 in the show....I am 575 or something like that...'way down there!!!


  1. This is really interesting - thanks for sharing!

  2. Jay, I think your quilt is fabulous. I love the extras you've added with the beading and stitching. The subject matter is fresh and interesting. I think I've seen a back like that in Vicki Pignatelli's book also, but I'm not sure it's the same. Anyway, good luck and thanks for sharing.

  3. An intriguing art quilt. I suspect the photo doesn't do it justice. One of the disadvantages to the computer - we can't touch!

  4. Stunning beading! Wow. You definitely are very patient.

  5. What a striking design you created, and -- wow!!!-- the beading is exquisite! Lovely work. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  6. Beautiful use of color with a unique setting. Beautifully done.