Friday, May 4, 2012

A New Zentangle Challenge

Well I've done it again!!  I have entered two challenges!!!  One is an old one for me...the "15 minute challenge" and the new one is "A Zentangle Dare!".  Erin designs a Mandala then posts it weekly on Friday.  With some challenges she gives a specific topic (see # 4) and in others the topic/tangles are creators' choice.  This is the third one she has done and I am going to try to post it, but I may have missed the window as this is Friday and she may have closed out #3 (my first one)!

I like these challenges as they are something I can do in the evening or take with me where ever.  Whereas, sewing or beading creates a whole new set of problems...having to take so much with me and be in really good light to work on a project!

So here goes:

and a question...when I  placed the "15 minute challenge" logo on my is too large for what I want.  Can anyone tell me how to make it smaller??  Thanks in advance!


  1. Jay, I love what you did with this weeks Zendala Dare. Your choice of tangles is perfect! Beautiful work.

  2. Your zentangles are amazing! Love 'em!