Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let the fresh air in!!!

"I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges." Anonymous

What a beautiful spring day!! I have opened up the house to let the wonderful fresh air in!!  These are the days that make winter bearable!  Here is a picture of the redbud trees blooming on the lot next door.  It has never been built on and we keep hoping it will never be!  And some of the crape myrtles are budding out, the blue bonnets in our yard are getting ready to burst into bloom, and for the first time since we planted it  nine years ago, our mountain laurel is blooming...just barely so I will wait a couple of days to get a picture of it!

I have finished both of my mini quilt is my winter one which is very late getting out and the other is a subsitute for fall to someone in the swap group who never recieved one.  When I signed up for these seasonal swaps, I didn't get a  spring one sent to me, but the moderator of this group has set up what she calls her "quilt angels" who volunteer to make quilts for those who do not get one. (Some people who sign up do not fulfill their committments for some reason or another.)  So I did get a spring quilt made by someone other than the person who was supposed to make me one.  Therefore, I signed up to be a quilt angel too, and that is why I am making a second fall quilt.  It is just 18" square...kind of fun to try a new (for me) technique.

We have been eating out much more than we usually do...we went to dinner and a concert with some friends last Saturday.  Wednesday, we got together with our poker bunch, ate out and played cards...very sad for us...we lost big time!! (Not really; we just play for quarters)  Then yesterday we met a couple for lunch whom we hadn't seen for awhile.  Then tomorrow is Easter and, although we are staying home, we are having dinner here and will probably have more to eat than we would normally have.  Thursday I am meeting a couple of friends for lunch whom I used to work with and haven't seen for awhile; then Friday going to the Bear Creek quilt show which will probably mean eating somewhere!!!  So...about time to hit the ol' salad trail!!

My next project is to make a quilt for my best friend from grade school who celebrated her 50th wedding anniversay this year..I want to give it to her when I see her in Chicago later on in the spring.  We are getting together for a celebration of our 70th birthday year....about 15 of us have gotten together somewhere for significant birthdays several times.  Good times!!


  1. You are an angel to be a quilt angel. Happy Easter to you.

  2. Happy Easter~!~
    the redbud trees are beautiful and i can hardly wait to see your mountain laurel~!!~

    there is something about seeting trees in bloom that makes me feel like i've died and gone to heaven . . . and quite often they smell fabulous too~!~ i just want to lay down on the ground under them and stare at all of the flower confetti against a blue sky and breath deeply and feel warm . . . oh~!~ i wish spring were here in my neighborhood.

    this a.m. the children here are going to be looking through a couple of inches of snow to find their Easter Eggs.