Monday, April 19, 2010

It's been a long time!

"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose"...Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

And I have been "silent" way too long!!  We have been out of town, then when we returned our computer access was out.  The road leading to our house is being reworked.  What started out to be repair of potholes has turned into a major project.  We know that eventually it will be really good, but in the meantime, we are dealing either with mucho dust or slimy mud!!  And the reason our DSL service was out is that somehow the road crew had cut our line!!  That only took three days to get fixed!!

Bluebonnets in our yard...this is what we really love about spring in Texas!

Last week we went down to the Texas Hill country...we had heard that the bluebonnets were really impressive this year.  And what we heard was right!!  This is the view of an old German cemetary in Fredricksburg.  The bluebonnets are so thick it has created a place of beauty in what could be a rather gruesome place...actually I have seen many cemetaries which are very beautiful...some really great works of art.  This picture is taken in an area set aside for children's gravesites. Some of the older graves have the tombstones written in German.

When we go to the Hill country, we like to visit Enchanted Rock, a state park which was an area held sacred by the Indians. (see my profile picture..background)  We have climbed to the top many times, but this time we just did the 2 1/2 mile loop around the base...There we saw a lot of bluebonnets and clariet cup, a member of the cactus family.
It is blooming now also.  I am amazed at the ability of flowers or any growing thing to come up out of sheer rock!

While in Fredricksburg, we visited the Museum of the Pacific...Admiral Niminz who was the commander of the Pacific Operation, is from Fredricksburg and there has been a museum about him there for quite a long time.  Then this museum, sponsered by George Bush the first, was built and just opened up last December 7.  It is a very impressive building and artifacts...extremely well comprable to any museum we have seen in Washington, DC.  Any war buff or anyone with an interest in WWII should not miss it!

I am sewing on a gift for my daughter for her birthday which was Friday.  She just moved into a new home and I am making her a gift to go with it!!  I can't show it because she reads my blog, so I will wait until next week after we get together.  She, my other daughter and granddaughter as well as some friends are doing the Susan Koman Race for the Cure/5K...for me it is the "walk" for the cure!!  This will be probably our 15th or more time to do it.

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  1. did you purposefully take a picture of a gravesite with your daughter's name?

    Pictures are amazing!! Can't wait to get my gift!!