Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Musings on a windy day!

" I intend to live forever...so far, so good!"  Anonymous

The weather is very mild, but the wind will just blow you down!  It rattles the windows and blows all the patio furniture around.  At least it is not a wet or cold wind so I am really not complaining, just stating the facts!

I was too impatient to wait for the mountain laurel to come in to full bloom before taking a picture so here is close up of one bloom.  The flower is very sweet smelling too!  The first time we saw mountain laurel was in the Hill country of Texas.  There is a state park down there..."Lost Maples"...which has a lot of it growing wild.  So we got a plant at the nursery which was about two feet tall...now our plant is over six foot, but had never bloomed in the eight or nine years we have had it until now!  I guess they are just "late bloomers"!!

Now, I am not one to read the obituaries regularly, but the other morning one caught my eye as I was scanning to see if I knew anyone. (That is what happens when you reach the golden age!!)  Anyway, you know how people will ask for memorials for certain things (charities, hospitals, churches, etc.) in lieu of flowers...this one that caught my eye was requesting monetary memorials to be made to members of the immediate family!  Somehow, that just struck me as wrong!

And yesterday, coming home from the "Y", I was at a stoplight by a utility van which had a commercial sign advertising its place of business.  It was the "Canine Fitness Camp"...below the title it said they had accommadations, workouts, healthy meals, hikes, swimming, etc....for your DOG!  Kind of made me laugh out loud...or...LOL!!!

One last thought...my hummingbirds finally got here!!  They are running about three weeks late; smart little guys...they knew it was just too cold to come here!  And..does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the grackles from the feeders?  I hate to be mean, but they are not a very pretty bird, nor have a pretty song...and their presence kind of keeps the cardinals and wrens, etc. away.

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  1. love that beautiful purple flower of the mountain laurel~!~reminds me somewhat of a sweet pea blossom~!!~

    the hummingbirds usually show up around here right about Mother's Day . . . it's always the highlight of my spring when i see the first ones~!!!~

    thank you for your comments on my blog and i was going to e-mail you back but you have your return set to "no reply". i've read The Kiterunner, but it's been a while. i also read the "sister" book which i can't remember the name of at the moment . . . i enjoyed them both.
    it sounds as if you do a lot of reading and like me, enjoy a wide array of genres. i used to be able to read through two or three books a week but now i'm lucky if i finish a book or two a month. just not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything i want to i guess.