Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong!" Joseph Chilton Pearce

 I have two daughters...both very bright, beautiful...inside and out..and very observant!  One of my daughters just commented on my yesterday's blog about my picture posted of the cemetary...I did not notice the name on the gravestone...I was concentrating on the angel above!  The daughter who noticed the name is the sister of the one whose name appears!!

This is really the year for blooming things...my irises have never looked better...and I can never think of the name of this little pink thing, but it too is glorious this year!

I am about to finish Barbara Kingsolver's "The Lacuna".  It is one of those books once started, needs to be finished.  The subject matter is great....a period of time I find interesting...right before WWII and into the McCarthyism era...compelling characters, fiction and non-fiction..Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Trotsky...and a fictional boy/growing up to be an author...but there were several times I really wanted to just put it down and be done with it...then I would read a little more and become curious to see what came next.  This is the first book I have read of hers...I had thought I would want to read "The Poisonwood Bible" but know I'm not sure...anyone out there who has read it?  Recommendations?


  1. A lovely post, Beautiful flowers and I've enjoyed a few of Barbara Kingsolver's books. I'll look out for that one now. Thanks

  2. i want to thank you for joining in my blogaversary celebration and give-away~!~ i wish you the best of luck.

    i've not read Kingsolvers "The Lacuna" but i have read "The Poisonwood Bible" as well as some of her other books. i'm a big fan of hers and will look for "The Lacuna" although it doesn't sound like it's nearly as good as my favorite by her; "The Poisonwood Bible" which i've read and re-read. and will read it again. it's a keeper and i loved it for so many different reasons. as you may be able to tell: i think it's a MUST READ.