Sunday, April 25, 2010

Great Weekend!!

" Sometimes I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe!"

Race for the Cure 2010 Fort Worth, Texas
Both my daughters and the mother-in-law of one and I did the Race for the Cure yesterday...a 5K in and around Fort Worth....beautiful day and much fun had by all!  This is the 14 or 15th time I have done the race; I'll have to count my t-shirts to make sure of the number!
Have you ever seen a pink tractor before?  Pink was the color of the day!!
The crowd in front of us didn't come close to  the number of people behind us.  I think I heard there were over 18,000 people doing the race!
And... the finish is in sight!!! The race is won...of course, for us, it was more of a "Walk for the Cure", but we did out number the runners by a long shot!!

After the race one of my daughter's and I went to an exhibit at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame; a realatively new museum in Fort Worth.  The exhibit was "In the Faraway Place", paintings and photographs by and about Georgia O'Keeffe and the actual camp equipment used by her on her treks into New Mexico.

Then this morning we went to the other daughter's house for brunch with everyone...celebrating a birthday and granddaughter's confirmation which is tomorrow night.  The above mini quilt is for my daughter's birthday....she just bought a new house and frequently calls it "Casa Abba" (which is in reference to her blog).

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  1. oh, i envy your having seen the Georgia O'Keefe exhibit~!!~ she's one of my favorite artists~!!!~

    i've had intermitant internet connection problems for the last week and none at all for the whole weekend so i'm a bit behind with this but i wanted to send you a "party goody" for having participated in my blogaversary giveaway. i do have an address but maybe you could e-mail me and confirm that it's correct. i hope to get your surprise package in the mail to you within the next few days.