Tuesday, March 1, 2011

studioQ meeting

Yesterday, my studioQ group met at the cutest little cottage where one of our members and her husband are staying while "between" houses...one sold/the other not yet purchased.  We had our usual great time...shared ideas and had a fun show and tell!!

We also had our challenge blocks from our last meeting to show...these were from drawings from our sketchbooks.  Here are a few:

 This is my block...I put a border on it because the edges were kind of wonky.  My original in my sketchbook is on an earlier blog.  I think I may add some beading to it and give it to the committee for the Silent Auction at our Show next fall.
            Wendy was a bit of an over achiever!  She enlarged her block!!
           Heather's block is very colorful....she really followed her drawing well!

Dyanna chose to do a part of her block which she found most interesting.  She said she like it so well she may make more to add to it...I agree!  Very nice!

Susan seemed to have many more pieces than some others...great job of replicating!
Bethany had a unique way to make her block.  She used a felt base and zigzag stitched each section to it.  Clever girl!

Our hostess, Beth, is quite an artist with beadwork on wooden thread spools.  She showed us how she does it...I would like to try, but it is really tedious!  I think I am going to have to wait until after my cataract surgery and new glasses before I try it! Here is a basket full of spools she had done!


  1. I found your blog via the Zentagle Weekly Challenge. I am fascinated by the beadwork on wooden thread spools done by Quiltgroup hostess Beth. Do you know if there are any resources with information about creating them?

    Thank you for sharing photos of your quilts!

  2. Julie...I tried to "write" you but was unable to open your blog...the lady who does the beadwork is a self taught artist so I don't think she learned this technique from anyone else but I will ask her if she had any resources and put it in my blog at a later date.

  3. Thank you. She is a very talented lady... the beading is beautiful! I don't have a blog, but I'll check back here at the blog comments for any information you might find out from her.

    Thanks again