Friday, March 4, 2011


I have recently been obsessed with "Zentangles"!!!  I have been a prolific doodler all my life...all over college notes, meeting agendas, grocery lists etc.  but I did not realize there is an art form for this fascination with line!  Below is my first attempt at "Zentangling" (can it be a verb!)..created in my sketchbook while idling away the evening watching television.

I've also been looking at lots of other Zentangles... there is a website (it is also listed in my sidebar..."iamadiva") by that name on my sidebar.  And I discovered another site that names a weekly challenge for Zentangles with a specific topic.  So I decided to give it a try...this first week (for me) is "Monotangle" and here it is!

After my attempts at Zentangles, I discovered there are books out there and certified teachers to show you how to do it!!!  I love that!!!  But I think I will muddle along on my own for awhile so I can try to be original in what I do.

Try it is fun!!!


  1. LOVE IT!! I've recently acquired a new set of coloring pencils and some doodle coloring books that I'm making copies of to color rather than coloring the originals.

  2. I have a surprise for you when you come next week!

  3. I really like your "monotangle". It reminds me of the reverse applique "molas" from San Blas.

  4. What a beautiful wave! Gorgeous