Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Zentangle #2 for me-Challenge # 12

Zen-Wave..."Something Blue"
I am still lovin' these Zentangles!  This the second challenge from the "i am a diva" blog.  The topic for this challenge is "Something Blue".  For some reason, Hokusai's wood block print of "The Wave" came immediately to mind....so in homage to Hokusai, my "blue" Zentangle is "Zen-wave"!
"The Wave" by Hokusai
After looking at the wood cut, I noticed that my Mt. Fuji was on the left of my pic rather than like on the right in the famous pic!!  My excuse...I didn't want to plagiarize!!!!  (Good excuse, huh?)


  1. Wonderful! I certainly do get the feel of wave motion - so cool!

  2. Beautiful and dramatic with excellent use of color. A winner!

  3. Jay, your Zentangle is WONDERFUL!