Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Look

I've been playing around with redesigning the look of my blog...need a little more color in my life!!!  I have also added the "followers" widget so please feel free to join me if you are reading my will give me an opportunity to view more of other bloggers!  I also have added a couple of blogs to my is "Zentangles"...something I just discovered recently...very cool!!  And "Sunday Postcards" which already has a huge following.  Both blogs have Flicker photo pages which are also note worthy.

The last time my studioQ bunch met, we drew a "mystery" block in our sketchbooks.  It was a mystery because no one knew what they would look like when finished.  I had everyone draw a square...from 6" to 9" approximately.  Then we passed out sketchbooks..and then added a series of three vertical lines, passed again..draw three curved lines..passed again.  We did this for about six line instructions, passing each time, then we had four or five "coloring" instructions...for example, pick a colored pencil and color three areas, passed...then another color and amount of sections to color, etc.  The last challenge we had to do was to take the block drawn in our own sketchbooks and try to reproduce them in fabric!!  Here is what my block came out to be and the fabric I plan to use.  I had decided to create a paper-pieced pattern to make mine.  We meet again Monday so I need to get busy!!

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  1. Very neat!! I can't wait to see your finished product. You could also do something like this to inspire a whole wall hanging instead of just a block...
    Love the new look of the blog...very colorful!!
    I have a couple of Zentangle books flagged on Amazon in my wish list and have for probably a 'em!!