Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here we go again!!

Good ol' Texas weather!  Fortunately it was not as bad today as they had forecasted.  I think after missing the number of inches forecasted last week (said only a powder and we got 2-4 inches), they over predicted today.  It was icy this morning but the sun came out about 10:00 this morning and all the roads/walks cleared off....but after all the schools had announced closing!

I am big into "coincidences"...a couple of years ago I started keeping a list of them as they hearing a new word or phrase, or an idiom, tale, peculiarity...etc. that I have not heard before or for a long time...then I hear the same two or three times in the period of a couple of days.  For example, today I was talking to my daughter, Andrea this morning on the the course of our conversation, she said the phrase "drinking the Kool Aid" in reference to "buying into a way of thinking".  I had not heard that before so asked her where that came from...of course, after she explained the reference to Jim Jones' suicide events, I knew what she meant.  Now, the coincidental part...later in the morning, I was watching a show I had "tivo'd".  I am a big SciFi fan, and I was watching "V" (probably the only person in the world who watches it)...anyway, during the show...someone said something to the effect that "when they landed, everyone was drinking the Kool Aid"!  Now that is a coincidence!!  Twice in one that makes me a little weird!

I have been working on  my Christmas just about if I can just remember to get them out next year at the holidays!!  I also decided to make a table runner and a table topper while I had all the fabric out.

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