Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Laid Plans.....

Two/three weeks ago, I was lined up for many appointments....weather interfered one week/ everything cancelled and I stayed home.  This week, every day was booked with something to do.

  • Monday-TVQG Board Meeting..check
  • Tuesday-doctor appt. for diabetes checkup...kind of check (I went but didn't conclude appt.)
  • Wednesday-Diabetes Education Class..(make up for a cancelled class)
  • Thursday-scheduled cataract surgery (cancelled)
  • Friday-post op checkup (cancelled)
When I went to my pre op at the opthamalagist's, I was told I needed to take a form to my doctor to have her fill out and sign that I am OK for surgery. So as I had an appt. today, I took it with me.  Then my doctor's people tell me that I was not scheduled for a physical needed for the form..the story is really boringly longer but to make it short, I had to cancel surgery, reschedule, cancel dr. appt., reschedule...I really blame the gal at the opthamologist as she led me to belief it was no big deal..

Ah, well..now I can go to my guild meeting Friday and hear our speaker....Bonnie Hunter... www.quiltville.com.
She has a very fun website...check it out.

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