Monday, July 8, 2013

Cotton Robin 2013

    A few months ago I signed up for this year's Cotton Robin Challenge/Exchange.  We make a center block and send it to the moderator.  She sets up the schedule and mails the center blocks with addresses of where your block goes next.  So when one gets someone else's block, they add one border and mail it on to the next person on the list.  Then the next person adds another border and mails it to the "finisher"!  The finisher quilts it and adds a binding then mails it back to the original center block maker.
My Center Block and extra fabric
This is my center block and some extra fabric I sent to be used if wanted...not a necessary item. We also sent a list of our likes and dislikes concerning quilting/fabric.

     Somewhere from Canada to New Zealand, my block which was all done except for the finishing, disappeared!!  In not wanting to hold everyone up for the "reveal", the moderator asked that some of the group offer to make a quilt for me!  Very nice of everyone...My block/quilt was about two months overdue!!  Well, just as the group was preparing to get another one ready for quilt showed up in New Zealand...and after finishing it, it was mailed to me.  I received it today!!!  And it is really lovely!!!  I wish it could talk and tell us just WHERE has it been?????
Horizontal center block orientation
Vertical Center Block Orientation only decision is how to display it...with the center block vertical or horizontal...Help me out, readers!!!  Give me your "vote"!!!!!