Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art Quilts Around the World-"Opposites Attract"

     For our fourth challenge, we were to create a quilt designed from the theme "Opposites Attract". What immediately came to my mind was when I taught art, and we did an exercise with color using all the six basic primary and secondary colors.  The exercise was to place opposites on the color wheel together to show how dynamic the two together could be.
Basic Color Wheel
     I also chose to take the idea of "opposites" a step further by using symbols to create phrases that represent opposite thoughts...Up/down; positive/negative; and in/out...I was very happy with my results until I finished quilting it. For my quilting thread, I chose a multicolored thread and when finished, my bright, opposite colors that were to attract each other became greyed and dull!!  I am showing both the "before" and "after" so you can see what I mean!!

Before quilting

After quilting
     Actually the pics here don't really show the difference as much as seeing the real thing....but one of the things I love about these challenges is to try new things..and learn from the success or failure of each!!!

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  1. i really like the way that you presented the "opposites attract" challenge and i think that the finished quilt is quite nice. maybe it will grow on you.