Monday, July 22, 2013

Memory Monday #29

One of my heroes...Abraham Lincoln
     Last night we watched the movie "Lincoln"..the new one with Daniel Day-Lewis...(I highly recommend it!) so that helped me decide on my topic for this memory.
     I grew up in Illinois...the Land of Lincoln!  We lived only about 70 miles from Springfield, Illinois which is also near Salem State Park....the village where Lincoln lived as a young man from 1830-1837. It was here that he first became interested in politics.  Being so close, it was a favorite visiting place and  frequent School field trips....and Girl Scout field trips...and family trips.  My newly wedded husband and I even visited Salem when we were home on leave the first year we were married!
the wheel at the Mill 
A typical cabin in Salem
the old Mill on the Sangamon River
     Even at a pretty young age, my romantic imagination loved visiting the old cabins..some of which were original...some reproductions and hearing all about the tales of that soon to be famous man!  I haven't been there for nearly 50 years, but I hear it is much the same as in my childhood.  My home town was a Lincoln/Douglas debate site and can lay claim to a "Lincoln Slept Here" house!

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