Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cotton Robins

The Round Robin (AKA Cotton Robin)....that I had joined several months ago is finally completed.  There were fifteen of us from all over the world...We created a 8"-9" block which we sent to  Floribunda who set up a schedule for us to receive, add to, and mail on...until we got our own block back..completed...quilting and binding finished!  Julie just posted on the Cotton Robin blog that the quilts have all reached their homes and she will be posting pictures of all of them! (see the blog on my side bar.)

Meanwhile....I want to show you what I was working on and how beautifully my little block came to be...from a cocoon to a butterfly!!!

The first block I received in the mail...I added one border

After I added a border.

The next block...I added a second border...I forgot to take a
picture before I started to add..the vertical polka dots.

And after I added the second border.

The third block/completed quilt

I quilted, added the binding, and embellishments.  The original
creator had a center block with a dragonfly on it...because I had
quilted over it, I decided to make her a three dimensional one!
My little block which I mailed out.

And my little block returned to me ...transformed!!!

This was really a fun challenge....all those involved did wonderfully on each quilt block that they received!  I am anxious to see all of them completed on the Cotton Robin blog!


  1. Jay I loved the 2nd border you made for my quilt. It's just perfect!! And I think that 3-D dragonfly was the best touch to Kate's quilt. Brilliant idea!