Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Challenge # 76-Home..... and Chocolate!!

Wow!  Here it is only Tuesday and I am posting this week's challenge!!!  So not like me!!  I suspect there are some of you out there that must sit by your computers in the wee hours of the morning on Mondays...waiting for the Diva to post!!  More power to you!!!!  I am afraid my wee hour devotions are only for catching spectacular sunrises, but computer skills will have to wait for that early morning cuppa' coffee!!

Anyway, this week the Diva designated the Zentangle challenge to be "Home"...Canada is celebrating Canada Day July 1st and we in the United States celebrate our "birthday day" on July 4th, thus the title for the tile this week! And I think it is cool that this is Challenge #76 as our "birth" year is 1776!!  Very appropriate!

For my challenge tile, I chose the focus to be a star with multitudes of stripes...both have always been predominate figures in my country's history...the flag has 50 stars for fifty states with thirteen stripes for the original states; the state in which I live...Texas...is known as the Lone Star State and the flag is a star and bars or stripes..many other states use stars and stripes in their flags...the Stars and Stripes  is a military news source which has been in publications since World War II.  And I could go on but........Here is my Challenge:

Challenge # 76-Home

Yesterday was my monthly meeting of my art group, the Creative Crones.  Our 12 x 12 challenge this month came from Kay...and it was to create a mini quilt with this theme:
"It doesn't matter what the question is, the answer is Chocolate!"  And the optional technique to use was to create an optical illusion!  So here are a few of the interpretations that were brought to the meeting!

My "Chocolate"..can you see my optical illusion?

A close up of my "engraved monogram"!

Chocolate by Bethany

And the question is??? by Rhonda (a UFO)

And Kay's Chocolate...also a bit of an optical illusion!!!
To add to the merriment...we all brought chocolate to share..even those who didn't get their blocks done brought chocolate!!!  Yummy!!

Our challenge for next month is " I Heard It Through the Grapevine"...perhaps wine to sample is in order???


  1. The star is a perfect response to the country we love! Really gorgeous!

  2. What a fun post! Thanks for including pics of your art group - it looks like a good time:) Great tile!

  3. Nice representation of the US and Texas and everything surrounding America. I love your chocolate optical illusion.

  4. Wonderful tile and excellent quilting. Yummy--chocolate.

  5. Great tile with this star!

    Annemarie Huijts

  6. Yum chocolate (As a true Belgian I know the good stuff ;))

  7. Ditto the yum on chocolate and I wish I was close enough to come next month if you're going to have wine. I could bring some from Washington. We're giving California wineries a run for their money. Also, I loved your descriptive article. As to the tile, all I can say is it's really gorgeous, and a wonderful tribute to both your state and the whole United States. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Your star was a most fitting tribute to your home. Love your chocolate quilt piece too.

  9. Love your star tangle, very appropriate for the challenge and the upcoming date