Thursday, June 14, 2012

...and More of North Getaway!

We are on our way home now...stopping to visit a few relatives in Missouri..then back to Texas!  It was very nice and cool when we left Door County, Wisconsin...but are heading into hot weather now.

Door County is a very interesting, entertaining place.  We stayed in Ephraim, of the little towns up and down the Green Bay coastline of the peninsula...Lake Michigan is on the East side...the  "Quiet side of the Peninsula"! The county is abound with orchards, primarily cherry, and fishing/boating interests....old barns, antiques, art and water everywhere!

Quilt block on an old log barn

A really crooked road going to the North part of Door County
(be sure to enlarge to get the whole effect!)

Green Bay from an overlook on the road to the North part of Door.

One of the high lights for us was a visit to the most delightful art gallery...Fine Line Design Ephraim, WI.  The building itself is a work of art and inside is loaded with some of the finest creations of all genres...wood, glass, paintings, sculptures, furniture, fiber arts, jewelry...and the grounds are filled with fantastic "yard art"!

Sculptures on the grounds of Fine  Line Design Gallery

 One artist whose work I just fell in love with is Martha Fieber.

Morning with Silver Mist

This is an example from her website...her work is so intricate...this is created by fabric, thread, ribbons, and more.  Check out her website to see more of her beautiful work and read about her technique!

And another high light of Door County are the Fish Boils!  Our kids were there last summer and told us that to go to a fish boil is a is a tradition of Door County..very fun to see and even better to eat!! The cooks boil up potatoes, onions, and whitefish in a cauldron outside...then to "cleanse the water"...they throw kerosene on the fire which causes it to flair up, and the water to boil over..thus washing all the excess oil from the fish out before serving!  Then...with bread and slaw...the feast begins...ending with the traditional cherry pie!!!  And either cold beer or lemonade to wash it all down!

Lake Michigan Whitefish...ready to boil!

Adding the kerosene!

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  1. Hi Jay, looks like you are having some happy trails! That is so interesting about the fish boils and how they burn off the oils. And Martha Fieber? Don't you love it when somebody's name matches their profession? Hope to catch up with you soon back here in Fort Worth ~ Mary