Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer...Just Won't Go Away!

I just listened to the weather forecast....we are still getting high 80's plus for temperatures and no real rain in the future.  I guess it will be shorts for the football game tonight...Friday Night Lights!  We aren't that interested in the games; we go for the half time show!!!!  And tonight, both grands' bands will be taking the field!

I have this one Texas Sage that has never bloomed for me in the seven years I have had it.  Now this year...when everything else is drying up and blooms!!!  Guess it really is a "Desert" sage!!

Texas Sage-blooming in a drought period!!

What the majority of the yard/shrubs look like!!!

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  1. Your sage bush probably had too much moisture in years past so it didn't feel the need to bloom. However, with the recent little rainstorms we had, it is celebrating! They usually bloom after a rain.

    Love your Zentangles!