Friday, September 30, 2011


     The Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild Annual Quilt show began today.  We are in a smaller location which makes it seem a little crowded but still a very good show...great quilts and everyone seems to be having a good time with it.

     I am so proud of studioQ!!!  Those who had entries in the show really came out winners!!  Of our 14 members, 8 had entered quilts in various categories and we rec'd a total of 13 ribbons...pretty good percentage!!  Below see some of the entries...I haven't gotten pictures of all of them yet.

Heather Pregger

Bethany Rowland -Reed

My "Aurora Borealis" 

My "Totem"

Kay Scheffer

both are Kay Scheffer's

Susan Garay

bottom one-Susan Garay
       These are just a few of the "winning quilts"!!

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  1. A wonderful representation from your group. Saw them all yesterday and recoginized your Totem immediately. Kay's little quilts are always the best! Congratulations to all of you.