Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zentangle Challenge #37-"Kiss My Grids"

     This week's challenge is to do "tangles" that are based on grids...which many of them are.  The Diva came up with the catchy title based on the old tv sitcom Alice (which comes from the movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore) when the waitress Flo would tell anyone off by saying  "Kiss my Grits!"  And being from Canada, the Diva didn't know for sure what grits were, but remembered the show from when she was a kid!  Consequently, she received many comments with definitions of grits!!! Some pretty accurate..some 'way off base according to what I think grits are!!  Here is my contribution and accompanying haiku!

"Kiss My Grids"

"A good play on words.
"Kiss my Grits" from Mel's Diner.
Seventies sit com!"


  1. Love your tangle and Haiku=a very creative post. :-) I never knew that that was where the tv show came from. Thanks for sharing that little nugget.

  2. Very sweet, I love your touch of color. The binding string of your notebook is perfect with this tile.