Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lots O' Challenges

While we were out of town, the Diva posted several challenges that I missed out on....and when I returned I had immediate obligations and wasn't able to get to the topics of zentangles until this week!  

Because of our drought, I began to think of what would I miss most if our house burned down.  Although there are many irreplaceable things, I would hate to loose pictures, so I have been scanning pictures to my computer and putting them on an external hard drive.  And while scanning, I have caught up with challenges! And my Haikus to go with...

Challenge #42-HOPE

"Hope Springs Eternal....
The start of a famous quote.
A word to live by!"

Challenge # 41: Duo Tangle:Jonqal/Opus

"Jonqal and Opus
What is black and white and 'read'?
It's a newspaper!"

Challenge #40: Pinwheels For Peace

"Make Pinwheels for peace.
I wish it were that easy.
Let's make love, not war!"

Challenge #39 "Love Is All You Need"

"Love is all you need.
Two hearts beating together.
Make the world go 'round!"

Challenge #38: Better Than A Pair of Ducks

"A Paradox, hm-m-m-m?
Looks like a party to me.
Let the good times roll!!!

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