Friday, August 26, 2011

Challenge Quilt...Completed!!!

     Our annual guild quilt show always has a themed challenge quilt for members only.  It is an event I try to participate in as it is usually more of a nontraditional activity. This year, the theme is to create a quilt of any size, any pattern using "recyclable" materials and a "chosen" fabric.  Anyone entering was given a fat quarter of a really not very pretty fabric with the instructions that any amount of it could be used, but it had to be obviously shown on the quilt!

      My quilt is paper pieced patterns and I used all recyclable fabrics.  The main fabric I used was from old ties that had been worn by my husband when he was a working man!  I had saved MANY of his ties for years....some very colorful...very wide (think '70s).  So after taking the ties apart...body and linings...I had quite a bit of fabric.  I also used scraps left over from previous sewings...bridemaids' dresses, mother of the bride dress, Halloween costumes, formals, etc.  It was really very fun to put it all together!

"Aurora Borealis"  36" X 48"

Close up with dangling beads

Close up showing tie fabric, velveteen fabric and satins

More ties, bridesmaids' dress fabric and mom of bride fabric and others.

More tie parts, beading and formal fabric.

Embroidery, more fabric for bridesmaid dresses.

More bridesmaid fabric, beading and embroidery.
      Then I did a lot of embellishing with thread...embroidering...and beading.  The fabric was very slickish so kind of hard to work with, but I like the results, albeit NOT traditional!

     My next project is a swap quilt.  I have a new badge on my blog, "Another Little Quilt Swap 6".  You can click on it and it will take you to a very interesting blog belonging to the host of the swap.

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